Welcome to Neverstop RP where our top priorities are player experience and server performance. Neverstop RP was founded in 2021. Neverstop RP does not use Gabs Ymaps or MLO’s.  Other Custom Ymaps and MLO’S are used as seen in the Developers Videos on Youtube at Adrianmcmastergaming and shows the development of the server live. The live streams are long but people interact with him in the live chat. The creation of the server is just a hobby for the developer and runs on a selfhosted server using windows server 2019.  Other services run on the server like Internet Information Services to run this website and two others. There is also a 3CX VOIP Phone system running on the server but none of the services effect performance. The player slot is set to a maximum of ten for testing the EUP clothing anymore than ten will require a patreon subscription from FiveM. The server uses the QBCore Framework along with free custom scripts downloaded from GitHub. There are paid scripts like Truck Simulator as seen in the livestreams. The server is not whitelisted so you can join server by looking for Neverstop RP on FiveM or using your F8 console and typing connect jomzd4.

The developer spends a lot time working on the server and keeping it updated and maintaned but thangs might go wrong if a framework script has been altertered in a way that some older scripts might nolonger be compatible. He is a member of the QBCore Discord Community so will ask for help if he needs it. He is able to fix some errors and bugs himself. Because the roleplay server runs on his own local network server conection might be interupted fromn time to time if the service provider does any firmware updates for the router or the develpoer himself is do windows server updates and the server needs to be restarted. The download speed is 124 mbps and high enough and is  stable but the upload speed of 24 mbps might have an effect on your connection with you seeing a disconection warning but is very rare. If you do experionce this please let us know on their discord at Discord.com/neverstoprp.

Server rules will still be the same as anyother roleplay server when you join the demo server so please respect one another if others are in the city. The server is called a demo becasue is just a demo or beta. If more people join theh that is good. You can request to make a small donation that would go towards a hosting service and any fivem patreon costs. You will be rewards in the city with a big ingame payout and a choice of a sports car. No emergencie vehicles will be given. If a lot of people suddenly decide to join then I would need administators and moderators to help with the server and make sure people behave. You would have to be 18 years of age or over. There is also no age limit to join the server but please remember if youngsters are in the city to watch you language and avoid swearing. 

Please make sure you have a working microphone and use English language only unless you or another person speak the language then you are welcome to use that but must to English to an only English speaking person. Any person found to be hacking, Using racist behaviour, Abusive, or Ramming vehicles into another player will be banned from the server and discord as this will not be tolerated. Please try to stay in roleplay if others are in the server to make it feel more real for others. If the developer is in the server he will be speaking out of roleplay to ask you questions regarding the server. 

A lot of the QBCore scripts like police job have not be updated yet so the vectors will not be in the right place. The vehicles shops have been setup along with the truck simulator and taxi job as seen in the videos on the developers youtube channel. The developer has is own two website and you might want to read more about him at adrianmcmastergaming.com or take a look at his other website about his other hobby called photography mcmasterphotography.co.uk.

If your not sure about the Neverstop RP rules then please visit the rules page to review the rules. If you are banned for any reason you can appeal your ban by filling in the ban appeals form expanding in as much detail as possible. If the bad is for anything severe then your appeal might be declined. You can view any of the images as a full image without the watermark that are on this website and more by visiting the NSRP Gallery. If you should encounter any problems at anytime please use the contact form or create a support ticket on the discord server.